Curriculum Vitae


Unions & Guilds

DP IATSE Local 600 – New York Roster, Directors Guild of America – Los Angeles, CA



Feature Film

Tracers                                       2nd Unit DP                              Temple Hill Entertainment

Jordan                                        Director of Photography        Culpepper | Williams

Ten – 13                                      Director of Photography         U-Direct 

Barrel & the Bus Driver            Director of Photography         IrisMedia Works


Short Film

Hamadryad                                Director of Photography         Allison | Allman Production

The Preacher                             Director of Photography         Lumina Film

Goodbye, Sweetheart               Director of Photography         OD Productions | IrisMedia Works

The Fight                                    Director|  DOP                          BBC | Ballet Boyz | Lumina Film                 

Inspiration                                  Director|  DOP                          BBC | Ballet Boyz | Lumina Film

Pandora’s Box                            Director of Photography         Backpocket Productions

Dark Corner                               Director of Photography         Catfish Studio

Romeo & Juliet                          Director of Photography         The Royal Ballet | Ballet Boyz

Battle of Belleau Wood             Director | DP                             Batwin & Robin | USMC Museum

Manic Kat                                    Director of Photography         Lumina Film

The Garden                                 Director of Photography         Lumina Film

Three Windows                          Director of Photography        Culpepper | Williams


Episodic TV

Unforgettable                           Camera Operator                       CBS Television |Sony Pictures

The Following                           Camera Operator                       Warner Bros. Television | Fox Broadcasting

The Carrie Diaries                    Camera Operator                        Warner Bros. Television | Fox Broadcasting

NYC 22                                       Camera Operator                       CBS Television Studios | CBS Entertainment

Grossmalerman                        Director | DP                               Funny or Die



The Break                                 Director of Photography           MTV Networks

Angle of Attack                        Director of Photography           PBS | KCET

Cash Crop                                 Director of Photography          IrisMedia Works

Billy Strayhorn : Lush Life       Director of Photography          PBS | Washington Square Films

The Progressive Era                Director of Photography          Bill Moyers Entertainment | PBS

Original Child Bomb                2nd Unit DP                                McKenzie | Becker

2+2                                             Director of Photography          Banita Raphan

Great Genius & Profound Stupidity         DOP                          Banita Raphan


Commercial  |  500 +

Current Reel

GHD Platinum | Chanel                          DOP                             Definite Agency

GHD Platinum | Brie                               DOP                             Definite Agency

Redken | Get Inspired                             DOP                             Iris Media Group

Hiscox Insurance | Snowday                  DOP                             Grey Advertising

Trinity Health | Together                        DOP                             Devito Verdi

Camacho Cigars | Mike Ditka                  Director| DP               Colangelo & Partners Agency

Camacho Cigars | Rob Weiss                  Director| DP               Colangelo & Partners Agency                 

Alessi Tomato Sauce | Amore                 Director| DP               Schifino Lee Advertising

Radio City Rockets | Heart a & Lights    Director| DP               Batwin & Robin

Nokia | Billy Duff, The CULT                    Director| DP               Cohan & Wolfe

Nokia | Max Scherzer                               Director | DP              Cohan & Wolfe

Foreo Toothbrush | This is You              DOP                             Definite Agency

Northern Pass Project | Doug                DOP                             NET Canada


Reality TV

House Hunters International                  Director of Photography          Leopard USA

House Hunters Int'l Off the Grid            Director of Photography          Leopard USA

Hotel Impossible | Seasons 5, 6, & 7       Director of Photography          Travel Channel | Atlas Media

Washington Heights | Season 1               Director of Photography          MTV Network

Jersey Strong                                            Director of Photography          Pivot | Brick City

Blood Sweat and Heels DC                      Camera Operator                      Bravo Network | Leftfield

Mother of all Talent | Season 1                Director of Photography          TVGN | Jarrett Creative

Broke and Fabulous | Sizzle Reel             Director of Photography          High Noon

Selling NY                                                   Camera Operator                      HGTV | JV Productions

Fashion Hunters                                        Camera Operator                      Bravo | Leftfield Productions


Competition & Food

A Chance to Dance                                  Director of Photography                                                          Ovation Network | Legacy Productions | Ballet Boyz

Sweet Genius | Seasons 1, 2, & 3             Director of Photography                                                               Food Network | Jane Street Entertainment

Frankenfood | Season 1                           Director of Photography                                                              Spike TV | Sharp Entertainment

Cook Your Ass Off | Season 1                 Director of Photography                                                                HLN | Turner Broadcasting | Jane Street Entertainment

Grill of Victory | Season 1                        Director of Photography                                                             Travel Channel | Jane Street Entertainment

Pressure Cooker | Season 1                    Director of Photography                                                                 A&E Network | Jane Street Entertainment

Chopped | Seasons 4 & 5                        Camera Operator                                                                           Food Network | Jane Street Entertainment

Restaurant Redemption | Season 1        Director of Photography                                                               Food Network | Lion TV



Glen is proficient in all Film & Digital mediums. An in-depth knowledge of camera, lenses & lighting. An artistic understanding of photographic composition and design. Working knowledge of the most up to date equipment & technology.  Time lapse, High-speed, Infra-Red, Cross Process, Silver Retention / ENR & Still Photography. Gyro & Stabilization Head Operator as well as Remote Head Operation. Creativity & Humor and the ability to listen & communicate effectively!



Hamadryad |  Winner Award of Merit Indie Fest, Best Film Honolulu Film Festival.

Goodbye, Sweetheart | Best Director Golden Egg Film Festival Cancun.

Pandora’s Box |  Winner Award of Merit Indie Fest, Best Short The Atlantic City Film Festival.

Dark Corner | Winner Best Short Downtown Film Festival, Atlantic City

Cash Crop | Winner Maui Film Festival, Winner High Times World Marijuana Film Festival

Billy Strayhorn : Lush Life | Winner 3 Emmy’s, Winner George Foster Peabody Award

Original Child Bomb | Tribeca Film Festival Honorable Mention

2+2 | Sundance Film Festival Honorable Mention

YBT, Tap The Bottle | Best Music Video

Cranberries, Zombie | Best Music Video, Best Cinematography



Equipment (owner)

Canon C-500 Camera Package(4K, 2K, 1080p)                                                                                                 Full set of EF Lenses (14mm – 200mm)                                                                                                      Portrait & Macro Lensing by Hasselblad                                                                                                        Glass Filters: 4x5.6  Full set of Soft Edge Grads, True Pola, Classic Softs, Glimmer Glass, Attenuator        Bolex H16 Reflex Motion Picture Film Camera (C-Mount Lenses: 75mm, 25mm, 10mm)                       Canon 5D                                                                                                                                                             Oslo                                                                                                                                                                  GoPro Hero 5                                                                                                                                               Sachtler 7+7 Tripod                                                                                                                                          Globe Trotter Travel Tripod                                                                                                                             Wally Dolly (9' of track)                                                                                                                                     Kino Diva 400                                                                                                                                              Chimera 30” Lantern                                                                                                                                          BBS Flyer battery powered Lantern on a boom pole                                                                                      Full assortment of Lite Gear Lite Ribbons (ability to light up a room and see in 360 degrees with out seeing any equipment).